Activities and games for learning and practicing musical language

About us


Didac Music (LearningMusicNow) has been in operation since 2005 providing educational games for use in music education. The games are adapted to the classification you can find on this page. A more complete description, along with a video demonstration of the games' operation, can be found by following the links.

The games are made in html5, compatible with all platforms, mobiles, tablets, etc. In case you want, at the end of the main page you have access to the old flash games. Please note that the latter will only work on Windows or Linux desktops, but not on mobile devices or Apple devices.

Thank you very much to all the users of the page, we hope you find it useful in your musical training.

Didac Music is a collection of activities for learning the language of music. They are aimed at primary education, but are also useful in music schools and preparatory courses for conservatories. They are also suitable in computer rooms, music rooms equipped with computers, tablets or digital blackboards and in the homes themselves, to reinforce the music content taught in the schools.